Staverton Kids Club uses effective behaviour management strategies to promote the welfare and enjoyment of children attending the Club. Working in partnership with parents, we aim to manage behaviour using clear, consistent and positive strategies. The Club rules are clearly displayed at every session, and are discussed regularly.

The Club’s Team Leader is responsible for behaviour management. Whilst at Staverton Kids Club we expect children to:

• Use socially acceptable behaviour

• Comply with the Club rules, which are compiled by the children attending the club

• Respect one another, accepting differences of race, gender, ability, age and religion

• Develop their independence by maintaining self-discipline

• Choose and participate in a variety of activities

• Ask for help if needed

• Enjoy their time at the Club

Encouraging positive behaviour

Positive behaviour is encouraged by:

• Staff acting as positive role models

• Praising appropriate behaviour

• Sticker rewards

• Informing parents about individual achievements

• Certificates for exceptional accomplishments

• Offering a variety of play opportunities to meet the needs of the children attending the Club.

It is inevitable that as children develop and learn, there are times when they need support and guidance to understand that their behaviour is not acceptable. Staff at the Staverton Kids Club will try to determine the cause or triggers of the inappropriate behaviour to prevent the situation from recurring.

Dealing with inappropriate behaviour

• Challenging behaviour will be addressed in a calm, firm and positive manner.

• In the first instance, the child will be temporarily removed from the activity.

• Staff will discuss why the behaviour displayed is deemed inappropriate.

• Staff will give the child an opportunity to explain their behaviour, to help prevent a recurrence.

• Staff will encourage and facilitate mediation between children to try to resolve conflicts through discussion and negotiation.

• If the inappropriate behaviour appears to be as a result of boredom, staff will consult with the child to find activities that more fully engage them.

• Staff will consult with parents to formulate clear strategies for dealing with persistent inappropriate behaviour.

• Corporal punishment or the threat of corporal punishment will never be used.

If after consultation with parents and the implementation of behaviour management strategies, a child continues to display inappropriate behaviour, Staverton Kids Club may decide to exclude the child in accordance with our Suspensions and Exclusions policy. The reasons and processes involved will be clearly explained to the child.

Suspensions and Exclusions policy. 


Temporary suspensions will be applied in the following situations:

  • Where formal warnings have failed to improve a child’s persistent, challenging and unacceptable behaviour.

Staverton Kids Club may temporarily suspend the child for a period of up to 14 consecutive days. If the Club takes this step, we will discuss our concerns with the parents/carers in order to work together to promote a more desirable pattern of behaviour.

At the end of the suspension period the manager will meet with the parents/carers and the child, in order to agree any conditions relating to the child’s return to the Club.

Permanent exclusion

Permanent suspensions will be applied in the following situations:

  • In the event of a serious or dangerous incident we will suspend a child with immediate effect. We will contact the parents and ask that the child be collected immediately. Immediate suspensions require the manager’s agreement.
  • In exceptional circumstances, when all other attempts at behaviour management have failed, it may be necessary to permanently exclude a child from the club. 
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