Staverton Kids Club is committed to providing a safe, stimulating, consistent and accessible care to all our customers. We aim to provide a high level of care for everyone but accept that sometimes things don’t always go to plan. In such circumstances, we want to hear about what went wrong for you so that we can put it right and evaluate / amend our practice. We are committed to open and objective dialogue and advocate wherever possible that any issues are discussed in an informal manner.

Under normal circumstances, the Setting Lead will be responsible for managing complaints but where this is not feasible or advisable a Resolution Officer will be put in place which could be any ‘other’ Staverton Kids Club employee directly or indirectly involved in the setting. If a complaint is made against a Lead, the Training & Compliance Manager / Registered Provider will conduct the investigation. All complaints made to staff will be recorded in the Complaints File along with the outcome.

Stage One

If a parent/carer has a complaint about some aspect of the Settings activity, or about the conduct of an individual member of staff, it will often be possible to resolve the problem by simply speaking to the Setting Lead who will then speak to the individual staff member or evaluate their Setting’s practice and report back to you within 72 hours detailing an outcome.

If a satisfactory outcome cannot be found, then Stage Two will formally come into operation.

Stage Two

If informal discussions of a complaint or problem have not produced a satisfactory outcome, parents/carers should put their complaint in writing using email to- ( Relevant names, dates, evidence and any other important information on the nature of the complaint should be included.

We will acknowledge receipt of the complaint and ‘pass’ to an available Resolution Officer within three working days and fully investigate the matter within 15 working days. If there is any delay, we will advise the parent/carers of this and offer an explanation. The Resolution Officer will be responsible for gathering all specific information and provide a formal response to the complaint within 72 hours and inform the Registered Provider.

The Resolution Officer will arrange a time to meet the parent/carer concerned and any other relevant individuals, such as members of staff, to discuss the complaint and the Club’s response to it. The Registered provider will judge if it is best for all parties to meet, or if individual meetings are more appropriate. Minutes of any such meeting will be generated and will include any discussed recommendations / adjustments or amendments to policy or practice.

If at the conclusion of this process parents/carers remain dissatisfied with the response they have received, the original complaint along with the setting’s response will be passed to the Registered Provider (owner) who will adjudicate the case.

The Registered Provider will communicate a detailed response, including any actions to be taken, to both the Supervisor and the parents/carers concerned within 15 working days.


NB: Please note that any act of aggression, verbal or physical, either in personal or ‘virtual’, by any of the following, (parent, child or staff member) will result in their immediate suspension and could lead to immediate termination of place or position as we have a zero tolerance approach to this.

Child Protection Concerns

If you / we have good reason to believe that the situation has child protection implications, we will inform the Designated Safeguarding Lead and contact MASH / LADO according to the procedure set out in the Child Protection policy. If any party involved in the complaint has good reason to believe that a criminal offence has been committed, this will be referred to the police on 999.

Making a Complaint to Ofsted

Any parent/carer can, at any time, submit a complaint to Ofsted about any aspect of our registered childcare provision. Ofsted will consider and investigate all complaints received. Contact details are as follows for Ofsted: 0300 123 1231



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