Club Rules


Food is to be eaten at the table

Children will all sit down together when eating and drinking and wait for others to finish before leaving the table.

Be polite

Its good manners to hear please and thank you. I also encourage people to listen to what someone has to say without interrupting them. Swearing is not allowed.

Wash your hands

I like to remind little hands needs to be clean before food is eaten, after going to the toilet and messy play. 


I encourage all children to share and take turns. If you want to play with a toy that someone else has, ask first for it, don’t snatch it. 

Respect others

Treat others, as you wish others to treat you.

Physical and verbal abuse is not tolerated

No hitting, kicking, pulling hair, biting, shouting or threatening behaviour. I will work with parents if I feel their child is a bully or the victim of bullying.

I will not use any form of physical punishment. Every child in my care will be treated the same, every child will be valued and treated with the respect they are deserve.


Children’s Version of the Clu Rules

We always remember

  • To wash our hands after going to toilet and before eating.
  • To consider other people’s feelings
  • To respect people for who they are
  • That name calling is very hurtful
  • To say “Sorry” if we hurt someone’s feelings
  • To sit down with drinks and snacks
  • To tidy up before we get something else out
  • To be polite and remember our manners
  • To tell a staff member of you are not feeling happy
  • That no one hits or bites
  • To always tell the truth
  • No going into the kitchen unless with a member of staff
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