Staverton Kids Club uses its risk assessment systems to ensure that the Club is a safe and secure place for children and staff. All staff are expected to undertake risk assessments as part of their routine tasks.

In line with current health and safety legislation and the Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage, the Club will carry out regular risk assessments and take appropriate action to deal with any hazards or risks identified.

Risk assessments will be carried out:

  • whenever there is any change to equipment or resources
  • when there is any change to the Club’s premises
  • when the particular needs of a child necessitates this
  • when we take the children on an outing or visit.

Not all risk assessments need to be written down. Staff will decide, in consultation with the manager, which risk assessments need to be formally recorded. However risk assessments related to the working environment will be recorded in writing so that staff can refer to them.

If changes are required to the Club’s policies or procedures as a result of the risk assessment, the manager will update the relevant documents and inform all staff.

Daily checks

Before the children arrive at the club each day, we will complete a daily visual inspection of the equipment and the whole premises (indoors and out). Environment check forms will be reviewed regularly, to ensure that hazards are removed, and repairs are implemented in a timely manner.

During the course of the session, staff will remain alert to any potential risks to health and safety.

If a member of staff discovers a hazard during the course of a session, they will make the area safe (eg by cordoning it off) and then notify the manager. The manager will ensure that any actions needed to mitigate the immediate hazard have been taken and will implement measures to prevent the incident from recurring.

Recording dangerous events

The manager will record dangerous events on the Incident or Accident Record sheets as soon as possible after the incident. If the incident affected a child the record will be kept on the child’s file. The Club will monitor Incident and Accident Records to see whether any pattern to the occurrences can be identified.

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